Tamara Laureus

About Me

tamara laureus

Tamara Laureus has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. A New York Native, Tamara credits her talents to growing up in the city. She was fortunate enough to work with established stylists. The experience allowed her to cultivate her talent and break out on her own. Within a few short years, Tamara has ultimately become a go-to stylist in the industry.

Tamara prides herself on her ability to fuse together both style and healthy hair. She believes that hairstyling should be treated as an art form; with passion when she styles her clients.

In addition to being a healthy hair expert, Tamara stands out as an expert in healthy hair products. She is working on her brand
"Hairenomics", which will include a line of high quality, healthy hair products.

Tamara's work has graced the pages of leading publications including Ebony Magazine, Essence Magazine, and many more.
When it comes to bringing out the allure in hair, Tamara is making her presence known. Her quality of work is unquestionable and she is an unwavering force in the beauty industry.